Jacquard Woven Tapestries

Jacquard Woven TapestriesDesigns can be woven directly into the throw for a lasting impression and high end look. This process was invented early in the 1820’s by mathematician Joseph Jacquard which ultimately led to the birth of the modern day computer.






Jacquard Woven Eco-Tapestry Throws
Made in USA
Made from 100% Cotton, designs can be reproduced in an endless array of colors allowing picture perfect designs.

Jacquard Woven Throws

Celebrate your city, school, church, or organization’s history with a bright and colorful Tapestry! Submit your photos to us and we will produce a custom layout at no charge to you should you decide to order.



Custom Woven In An Unlimited Number Of Colors
Style #   Description                                                       15 – 30 Pcs.   31 – 499 Pcs. + 
TB5236 Mini Tapestry 52″ x 36″ 2.5 Lbs./Ea.                      $22.60            $20.85
TB5250 Promo Tapestry 52″ x 50″ 1.8 Lbs./Ea.                  $27.15            $25.70
TB5260 Standard Tapestry 52″ x 60″ 2.25 Lbs./Ea.            $31.70            $30.30
TB5268 Large Tapestry 52″ x 68″ 2.5 Lbs./Ea.                    $35.00            $33.60

There are no set-up or running charges.
Add a clear vinyl zippered case – $1.00 each

Please refer to our Artwork Requirement page for artwork requirements.


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